NEXUS powers Angel investment groups statewide.

The Florida Angel Nexus powers angel investment groups statewide. We solve challenges common for these groups: organizing deal flow, coordinating due diligence,  streamlining portfolio management, and providing a broader context. We enable investors to invest in small groups of their own choosing and meet highly specialized goals while enjoying the efficiency of a large investment entity.

 Leveraging our extensive network of industry experts, NEXUS enables investigations to better understand the market, product, and execution risk of investment opportunities. Selected companies gain exposure to a large number of investors from angel groups across the state who co-invest to meet the company’s fundraising goals; the angel groups gain far more insights than they can generate on their own. It’s a win-win situation.

NEXUS's objective is to enable members to achieve higher returns with less risk than typical angel groups by combining Florida’s community resources, including our vast university systems, with the business acumen of NEXUS members and partners. The group strives to improve Florida’s funding environment and to become a prominent investment corridor that attracts, creates, and retains the best talent and high paying jobs for our state.


The Florida Angel Nexus’ goal is for its members to achieve higher returns with less risk than typical angel investments by utilizing a model combining the business acumen ofNEXUS members with Florida’s community resources – including the vast university system and regional economic development programs. For many angel investors, it’s also a way to give back to their community, to help build successful companies, and to participate in the satisfaction that comes from being involved in the entrepreneurial process. The Florida Angel Nexus looks for investment opportunities where mentoring, capital and member networks will take companies to the next level, resulting in NEXUS members investing in at least one of NEXUS's identified opportunities each year.


Fundraising can be an overwhelming process. The Florida Angel Nexus strives to reduce the barriers Florida entrepreneurs face moving from the idea stage to growth & sustainability. Our goal is wealth creation for our portfolio companies, their teams, and our investors. Screening and due diligence is necessary and can be time consuming. Expect the entire process to take at least 3 months. The timeframe depends on your venture’s readiness and when in our cycle you begin the process. Before getting started on your application, your team should discuss the company’s goals in order to decide what type of funding makes the most sense. Consider all of your funding options and their pros and cons.