what others Around florida are saying... 

Becoming a Nexus member has been a game-changer for me and my portfolio. Nexus connects me with Florida’s best and brightest entrepreneurs and investors and showcases the top early-stage companies in the state. It also provides a platform to educate communities on the merits of angel investing. It’s a fantastic organization.
— Matt Johnson, Johnson Magrath & Partners
The CEP has been focused on expanding access to capital for entrepreneurs and creating a vehicle by which local investors could participate. However, we doubted we could generate the pipeline to sustain an effort and the staffing to truly vet projects and investors alike. By joining NEXUS, we get the best of both worlds. Our investors have access to a steady pipeline of ventures and professional expertise in vetting while allowing us to grow a uniquely Ocala approach to this issue. This is a great partnership for our Ocala and for the Florida Angel Nexus.
— Kevin Sheilley, Ocala Chamber & Economic Partnership
NEXUS is a vital piece of the qualification and funding mechanism of Florida for early stage investing. The organization is on the verge of enabling a coordinated investment opportunity for those who participate in North Florida.
NEXUS has created a level of awareness and enthusiasm in the investment community.
— Steve Evans, NEXUS Tallahassee Member
We have had an outstanding experience with The Florida Angel Nexus team. The professionalism of the staff, the quality of the member events and the investor results were all first class. As s result of presenting at three chapter events in less than a month, we raised $300,000 affording us to exercise our FICPR matching benefit making it a $600,000 experience.

We have since secured a permanent facility, purchased capital equipment and are preparing for our first full time hires fulfilling one of our strategic objectives - high tech / high wage job creation in Keystone Heights Florida. Thanks NEXUS !!!
— Joe Condon, President and CEO Auxadyne
Florida’s early stage companies are seeing expanded access to capital. One thing that is bringing together investors and growing companies are the local chapters being formed as part of the Florida Angel Nexus. These local groups of investors are able to share due diligence and have the opportunity to share risk when investing in small companies that have the potential to scale and grow. This is a big step forward for our state because if we can keep more of these companies in Florida it will create more jobs, more wealth, and more opportunities for Florida students to remain here after they graduate.
— Jerry D. Parrish, Ph.D. Chief Economist and Director of Research, Florida Chamber Foundation
Florida Angel Nexus has been the most sincere and proactive advocate for Florida Startups that I have encountered and I carry this same sentiment when comparing Florida Angel Nexus with out of state and national angel networks that offer similar exposure for startups. I remember a few years back when they were just starting out, gaining exposure at a large venture forum, and I am impressed with how they have grown, the work they have put in, and the dedication they put forth to develop the opportunities and activity they promote; it is not superficial, they have built their own startup and understand the work required. While Florida Angel Nexus offer pre-vetted deal flow, pitch events and social meetings I am truly impressed with both the live and recorded webinars, which is not only smart and convenient, but also increases investor’s exposure to deal flow and startup’s to potential investors, without all the hassle. Florida Angel Nexus stand high above the rest and are so much more than a place to park your profile or look up possible opportunities. Hats off to you Florida Angel Nexus… you know how to make a difference and are keeping it real.
— John Zevgolis, CEO of AquaHarvest

When investors, retirees, business leaders, serial entrepreneurs, organizations, and family offices come to the NEXUS, these are some of the common challenges we help them solve. 

“I invest too much time and money finding the right deals; is there an easier way?”
“I want to be engaged with what’s happening with innovation, startups and early growth companies in Florida.”
“I am unfamiliar with the angel investment process, it would be nice to have a guiding hand and additional resources.”
“Before investing, I need an opinion from someone else with experience in the industry.”
“I am interested in connecting with innovative and fun people in my community.”


Who is not a good fit? 

The NEXUS may be a good fit for the majority of investors, however there may be a few exceptions. We avoid situations where we may not be able to deliver results investors expect. These below characteristics may signal a bad match:

  • desire to solely fund companies outside of Florida
  • no interest in innovation or the entrepreneurial process
  • no interest in collaborating & learning from other investors & subject matter experts 
  • no interest in early stage companies 
  • desire to generate pipeline, perform due diligence, & support own portfolio with no help from others 
  • no interest in access to Angel Capital Association tools and other resources, & best practices