The Florida Angel Nexus will not release your private information outside of our membership base without your consent. Our members are accredited investors, fund managers, and co-investment partners. Share enough information to allow members to vet and get excited about the deal without putting your company at risk. 

Excerpt from the Angel Capital Association: "During the initial portions of the evaluation process, the vast majority of angel organizations will not sign non-disclosure agreements. Angel groups just see too many deals, often in a similar space. When submitting executive summaries and even business plans, the entrepreneur needs to explain the business so that the potential investors can understand the company's opportunity for success, but don't learn about any confidential issues. If you have intellectual property that has not been patented, it is best not to disclose it to the angel group when you are first submitting your company for investment. Remember that angel groups are most interested in the business behind the technology or idea they don't invest in the inventions but in the business models and management teams that will grow the companies. If your company makes it through to final due diligence, the angel group may need to research intellectual property issues and then would sign non-disclosure agreements at that time." 

Companies may utilize Proseeder or AngelList if they wish for their information to be in a more public forum. The NEXUS process prepares much of the information needed for entrepreneurs to present and work with investors. We welcome co-investments. At the consent of the company, NEXUS may syndicate investment opportunities in order to raise larger amounts.