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Your venture will be connected to accredited investors and funds who are NEXUS members and partners.



NEXUS members may leverage their network to introduce you to revenue opportunities, potential hires, and community resources.



Connect with subject matter experts and individuals who provide strategic input to develop your emerging business.

Our Process

+ 1. APPLY

Fill out an application on the NEXUS Proseeder portal. You can access the NEXUS portal here .


After submitting an application, one of our analysts will reach out to you with questions about your company.


After reviewing your application, your company may qualify to present to investors on one of our weekly webinars. Your company's current investors and champions are invited to join.


Investors review the companies and decide who will present at their location. If your company isn’t selected to present, we will send you the investor feedback.


Investors share their feedback, level of interest, and desired next steps. NEXUS streamlines the follow up process to save time for the company and the investors involved.

  • We have had an outstanding experience with The Florida Angel Nexus team. The professionalism of the staff, the quality of the member events and the investor results were all first class. As s result of presenting at three chapter events in less than a month, we raised $300,000 affording us to exercise our FICPR matching benefit making it a $600,000 experience. We have since secured a permanent facility, purchased capital equipment and are preparing for our first full time hires fulfilling one of our strategic objectives - high tech / high wage job creation in Keystone Heights Florida. Thanks NEXUS !!!
    — Joe Condon, President and CEO Auxadyne
  • Florida Angel Nexus has been the most sincere and proactive advocate for Florida Startups that I have encountered and I carry this same sentiment when comparing Florida Angel Nexus with out of state and national angel networks that offer similar exposure for startups. I remember a few years back when they were just starting out, gaining exposure at a large venture forum, and I am impressed with how they have grown, the work they have put in, and the dedication they put forth to develop the opportunities and activity they promote; it is not superficial, they have built their own startup and understand the work required. While Florida Angel Nexus offer pre-vetted deal flow, pitch events and social meetings I am truly impressed with both the live and recorded webinars, which is not only smart and convenient, but also increases investor’s exposure to deal flow and startup’s to potential investors, without all the hassle. Florida Angel Nexus stand high above the rest and are so much more than a place to park your profile or look up possible opportunities. Hats off to you Florida Angel Nexus… you know how to make a difference and are keeping it real.
    — John Zevgolis, CEO of AquaHarves
  • Extremely insightful and a wonderful resource to start-ups jumping into the investment world. Would highly recommend reaching out to them.
    — Matt Ferrer, CEO of VERSATTIRE



An ideal management team has relevant experience and domain expertise. They understand industry dynamics, are coachable, and are fully committed to the business. Teams should have a focused plan and should be able to demonstrate that they have the ability to execute. Management teams should utilize pro forma financial statements to set realistic goals and benchmarks, and they display a history of achieving projections and obtaining critical milestones. Investors like to see that teams are realistic about their company’s critical risks and valuation. If the team is incomplete, it should recognize who is needed to complement their knowledge, skills, and abilities.


Teams should be able to convincingly explain their plan to achieve a sizable market share in a well-defined niche. They should demonstrate a realistic vision of their market and a cost-effective sales strategy to scale the business.


Businesses should have a large addressable market and a credible strategy for achieving growth including supporting data. Teams should understand their competitive landscape and barriers to entry. A strong supply chain is also required in order to cultivate a high growth business.


Ventures should demonstrate that they are unique and superior as compared to competitors – often by replacing or improving current offerings. The team should understand how to articulate their benefits and advantages to customers. The company’s competitive advantage must be sustainable. Examples: a “blocking patent” (keeps out competition); a vanity number (1-800-WEDDING); a domain name (; “first-to-scale” advantage (can show they already are the first company to achieve some scale in a new niche).


The capital required should be in line with the potential for success and the reward for investors. Teams should be realistic about their company’s valuation and should understand potential exit strategies. Because angel investors assume a great deal of risk by investing in early stage companies, applicants should be able to make a compelling case for a 10x or better return on investment within 5 years. Ideal businesses lack capital structure issues and skeleton problems. The company should be able to demonstrate that they have favorable timing and have the ability to make money.


The team should have a focused plan to maximize the investment’s impact on efficient growth. The mentoring, networking, and capital sought should propel the company to a critical inflection point and should materially increase its valuation.


Regardless of industry, teams must demonstrate market validation, ideally by earning revenue and identifying a strong sales pipeline. The company’s target customers’ adoption rate and feedback should be favorable. Teams should be realistic about their business concept and should have a plan to efficiently maximize growth.

Applicants who successfully obtain angel funding typically demonstrate certain key traits. Ventures who have evidence and traction to support the following are able to garner the attention of investors. Overwhelming uncertainty often causes investors to ask for updates and hold off on writing checks until the company shreds some layers of risk. Visit the entrepreneur guide to see inexpensive strategies to increase your venture's credibility and probability of raising funding.  

Prepare your investor pitch deck (Challenge yourself to answer all of the questions on slide 32)

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