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Criteria to Start a Nexus Chapter

+ 3 Accredited Investors

The 3 investors each must be willing to recruit 2 to 3 peers to be a part of the chapter (must be accredited investors)

+ Setting a Chapter Location

Need to establish a consistent location for the chapter events to take place. The office can be at a law firm, accounting firm, co-working space, etc. The selected location must have availability for the entireyear of recurring events.

+ Meeting Dates & Time

Meeting dates will be setup bi-monthly or quarterly and occur typically between 3pm-7pm (2 Hourmeeting) for the entire year (this is decided by the Board for each Chapter). This means that there are between 4-6 Meetings per chapter per year.

+ Sponsorships

Whoever is hosting must sponsor the event by providing $300 for setup costs and arrangements or they can provide non-alcoholic drinks, utensils, plates, glasses, and cleanup post event. There must also be (2) event sponsors, each proving a donation of $300 per event. This covers food, wine, and travel. One representative from each sponsor organization can attend the event.