The CEO Leadership Forums is committed to facilitating strategic partnerships with Colleges and Universities, their students, and local businesses in providing CEOs access to an excellent talent pool, CEO level education and Mastermind opportunities, while providing scholarships to students to advance their careers. Valencia and Miami Dade Colleges have partnered with our organization to help facilitate this purpose.

How Our Group Can Help You

  • CPA and Accounting - How can I simplify my business decision process so that I can achieve my personal and business goals in the most tax advantageous way possible? My company is growing fast and my shareholders and bank are saying it's time to report Reviewed Financial Statements, and we'll probably need Audited Statements next year. What should I do and why? Is there a way I can outsource some or all of my accounting functions cost effectively?
  • CFO Services - Do you need help creating revenue and cash flow projections and financial proformas to build out your business plan. Do you need a seasoned financial pro to represent you on your management team and with investors? Does it seem like it is getting more difficult to run your business and you are constantly putting out fires instead of strategically planning for future growth? Do you wish you had better: Business & Strategic Planning, Cash Flow Management, Financial Reporting & Accounting Management, Financial Planning & Analysis, and Process Improvement & Execution?
  • Employee Benefits - How do I recruit, reward and retain top talent? What are the most effective and cost efficient means to do so? How can I provide health insurance, 401(k) match and other benefits without going broke in doing so?
  • Banking and Finance - How are you using credit lines and other financing sources to maximize financial efficiency for your company?
  • Financial Planning & Investment Advisory - Do you have a trusted advisor to help structure a program which maximizes the value of your business and other assets to meet your immediate, medium and long-term financial goals?
  • Merchant Card Services - How do you properly setup or manage your payments to make sure you are getting the best pricing and service?
  • Recruiting - What is your staffing pipeline strategy so that you have people in place when you need them as opposed to fishing only when you are hungry? How do you build a work environment that accounts for and accommodates all generation of workers - structuring your compensation plan to fit the person and not a one size fits all strategy?
  • IT - Do you have the technology in place to support the next five years of business growth? Do you have an effective CRM that drives more sales and automates your sales process? Do you have on premise servers or are you incorporating cloud services in your business to improve profits and security? Is your business technology giving you a competitive advantage over the competition? How are you leveraging technology to reduce labor costs? Did you know that proprietary software can improve your business valuation? Can you access timely operations data from your disparate systems to run your business? Does your business have the talent to function at optimal levels?
  • Risk Management - Do you think you're paying too much for Worker's Compensation Insurance and its related costs (bad hires, training, fraudulent claims, OSHA Compliance)? How do you feel about the culture of your company as it relates to employee engagement and safety?
  • CEO Peer Group – Do you feel like there is no one you can turn to for objective advice? Are you stuck on an issue that never seems to go away, because you simply do not know what to do? Is there an answer to the adage, “Its lonely at the top?”
  • Sales – Are your sales people hunters or farmers... and if that what you need then what should you be doing? Are they getting too many "think it over's" that don't turn into business? Is your sales cycle way too long? Are you doing too many bids and proposals that wind up being "free consulting" rather than new clients? Do you have a duplicable sales process in place that your whole team uses consistently?"
  • Business Broker - When is best time to sell my business or buy one? If you are a seller, are you willing to stay on as management for period of time? If you are a buyer, are you a strategic or financial buyer? If seller do you wish to be cashed out or do a Leveraged Buyout (LBO)? What’s the advantage of one vs other?
  • Legal - Is my ownership structure going to be a problem when it's time to sell, and what can I do to get ahead of that issue? How can I use non-competes to enhance my business value? How can I protect the value of my estate and ensure my assets are transferred according to my wishes?
  • Payroll/PEO - Talent is the biggest driver for a company’s success in today’s market. Does your company have a defined strategy for finding, attracting and retaining the best people? Have you evaluated your Human Resources strategies, processes and systems in the last 2 years? If not since that time, at least 60% of your competitors have looked and made some level of improvement or enhancement. When does it make sense to outsource my payroll?
  • SEO/Marketing - How can I get the most ROI from my Internet marketing dollars? How can I get to the front of Google?

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